Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

Samuel Slater was a man from England who had memorized the plans of something. He had memorized the plans to make cotton mills. These were the first of their kind in America. Since they were not aloud in England, so he brought them here.

The cotton mills dotted the northeast, mostly in states like Rhode Island and Connecticut. You might have already noticed by their name that the mills produce cotton. The people who owned the mills thought since there were many farm girls in the northeast, that they could use them. However, their conditions were kind of bad. They had to get up early to go to the mill they worked at, then eat half past 12, and cannot be idle until half past 7.

Mass production caused people with jobs such as making guns, caused them to lose their jobs, so less people had them. Also, part of the cause of mass production was because someone named “Eli Whitney” had invented interchangeable parts. This meant that a part from something such as a gun could be moved from one gun, to another. This was another many people lost their jobs.

The Industrial Revolution spread all over the land that America owned, especially up north. Later on, the Industrial Revolution helped the north out giving it more immigrants. However, it wasn't as good in the south. During that time, the south had an increasing number of slaves since there was so much cotton! However, the Industrial Revolution has helped us for quite a long time, even at this very moment.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shays' Rebellion

     Around the 1790s, people were fighting over the world's largest empire, and it was very expensive. Because the states had borrowed money for the war, many farmers around this time, were failing to pay the new taxes because of shortage of money. With the farmers failing to pay these new taxes, the states took away their farms. Even with Daniel Shays' leadership, he asked the states for time to pay the debts, but states continued to seize the farms.

     After this, the farmers were now refusing to take this madness. The farmers came up with a plan in which they were going to defend themselves. They started to burn courthouses to the ground. But then, the states, for pay, sent soldiers to confront the farmers. When some soldiers shoot, four farmers lay dead.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hearing and Talking

 Today, I will talk about how we hear and how we talk. It actually isn't a sound we hear, it's just a simple sound wave. All this begins with a vibration, like a piano hammer hitting a string. The vibration then causes a sound wave, which can travel through any kind of matter. Here's the cool part. Your outer ear catches the sound wave, which then goes to your middle ear. When the sound wave vibrates the eardrum, it also vibrates the hammer, anvil, and the stirrup. The vibrations then travel to the inner ear, in which holds a fluid-filled tube. As the vibrations go through this tube, they also vibrate tiny hair cells. The vibrations and these hair cells then go through the auditory nerve which they follow to the brain. The brain then contributes these vibrations as sound.

Now, I'll tell you how we talk. Remember how sound starts with a vibration? Well when we talk, our vocal chords vibrate. While talking, put your finger on your throat and see if you feel the vibrations. Also, the pitch of your voice depends on how much you tighten or relax your vocal chords.

Actually, without being able to talk and hear would have been very bad, because how would we have been able to communicate? Talking and hearing have been useful in many different ways, like on a construction site! Well, there you have it! You have now learned how we can hear, and how we can talk.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey! This is a limerick I wrote for school today, about my mom!:o)

My mom was in the house.
When then she saw a mouse!
But when she saw it was dead,
To herself she said,
“I'm getting out of the house!”
Here's another that mom told me to do out of school.
Hope you like it!

My dad was on his computer.
When then he saw it was cuter!
He looked at the science of it.
When then he saw it's eye's lit!
then he said, "I'm never getting off this computer!".

that was fun!
P.S. (I hoped you liked them!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Story

One warm and sunny day, a couple of kids were outside by a lake, having a picnic.. Then, they saw a beautiful rainbow, it was the biggest one ever. So the kids packed up their picnic. They went from where they were, to journey to the end of the rainbow. They took a few breaks on their long journey. Then, that night, the kids made a camp and slept there for the night. When they woke up, they packed up camp and continued their journey. Soon they reached the end of the rainbow. Then, a large pot of gold was there before them, they could not believe their eyes. The thought if they took it home, they would be so rich, they could buy anything they wanted, so they grabbed the to handles and started to walk away with it until a small Irish person came and told them to put it back. The small person introduced him self as Patty The Leprechaun. He told the kids that he has to protect the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Soon the kids were having tea and talking with Patty. He was so nice they shared their lunch with him. Before they left Patty offered the kids some of his gold. Patty said “When you have time, journey to the end of any rainbow to see me again.”

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Garden

Since our last garden didn't grow very well, mom and dad decided to grow a new one. The last time we tried gardening we bought the plants from the store. This time we are starting from the seed. Some of the seeds are tomatoes, Serranos, basil, and marigolds. Dad said when we water them the will grow into seedlings then we can put the plants outside in our garden. There is also some things I would like to see grow like, cherries, strawberries, bell peppers, and sun flowers. I asked mom and dad if we could grow apples. Well apparently I didn't know that if you want to grow apples or peaches, that would result in a tree in my backyard! Dad told me if I want to be a chef, you should use the freshest ingredients from the garden. If I am going to use the garden plants, I have to help dad weed and water the plants.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Since I got a basketball for Christmas, I have been very interested in learning to play. Brittany has taken me to the park to teach me. Brittany had some of her friends go with her to help me play. She has taught me many things about basketball. Brittany has taught me how to do two kinds of dribbling. She has taught me how to do regular dribbling and offensive dribbling. I learned how to pass and she also taught me a few throws. I can even do an under throw, a high ball and just regular throwing. I have gone outside every opportunity I have and practiced everything Brittany has taught me. The reason I wanted a basketball is so when I was good enough I good join a junior basketball team. All I need is the speed, height, and strength, then I will be able to join a team.